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Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast

Replenishing the skin's lost collagen, restoring skin structure

Sometimes, no matter how young you feel, your face tells a different story. Sun exposure, pollution, natural aging and lifestyle factors can all diminish the collagen layer that supports the skin. And where collagen diminishes, unwelcome lines and wrinkles may appear.

Now, you can temporarily replace your skin's lost collagen through innovative new treatments made from human collagen. They are CosmoDerm®and CosmoPlast® and they're changing the face of beauty. Collagen Replacement Therapy® with CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast replenishes your skin's lost collagen, restoring skin structure.

In short, you can easily sneak in a treatment during your lunch hour.

"It takes about five minutes to perform the procedure. It's quick, it's easy, it doesn't hurt, and it will last at least three to six months. CosmoDerm® and CosmoPlast® have a nice consistency and are very smooth, soft and natural feeling." - Dr. Michael Ebertz, MD Board Certified Dermatologist, Skin Care Doctors, P.A., Edina, MN

Treatment results are immediate and typically last up to six months. Without ongoing treatments, the collagen is gradually absorbed by the body and your face returns to its original contours.

As the only FDA-approved commercially available dermal fillers made from human collagen, CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast offer important advantages.

• Immediate treatment - no pre-treatment skin test required!
• Formulated with an anesthetic for comfort
• Treatment and recovery usually take less than one hour
• Treatment results last up to six months

Your physician will work with you to develop a treatment program to meet your individual needs. With CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast, you can get started today!

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